Hengst Footwear Netherlands (Headoffice)
Visitors: Broekslagen 8, 8331 TJ Steenwijk
Postal Address: P.O. Box 174, 8330 AD Steenwijk
T: +31 (0)521 535 653

About Hengst Footwear

Hengst Footwear is a unique family business with the fourth generation of the Hengst Family currently at the helm. Demonstrating our passion, we love to share our knowledge of footwear with our customers. As a retailer you can put your full trust in our team and our products allowing you to concentrate on the many other demands of running a successful retail business


Only the best footwear

Hengst delivers only top quality footwear while keeping an eye on fashion as well as the basics. We try to understand the needs of your customers and endeavour to create innovative ideas that encourage your customers to buy from you time and time again.


Have a look inside...

Hengst Collection

Hengst Footwear dresses feet like no other. As a result of closely following trends, we are able to offer mens, ladies and children’s footwear that perfectly connects with the wishes of our customer. Step into each season in style with our collections. We provide footwear with an outstanding price-quality ratio and good revenue opportunities with attractive margins for every retailer.  Be inspired by our comprehensive range of footwear, spread across our many collections.

Fabulous Fabs

Hengst Footwear is also Fabulous Footwear, fabulous ladies shoes that match the styles of today.  The collection consists of stylish booties, loafers, sneakers, sandals and boots in a balanced range of colours.  The intricate details and special designs make fabulous ladies footwear that uniquely complete any outfit.

Safety footwear

Hengst Footwear is also the parent company of Croford Safety Footwear.  For people working in an environment where the vulnerability of feet are tested daily, the comfortable safety footwear from Croford are totally invaluable.  Croford provides a large range of footwear suitable for the wide variety of safety standards.

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